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Manonaad Music therapy

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Read how Music Therapy transformed Nisha and improved her overall well-being.

An Experience Worth Sharing:
“You know what? Pranavi (Name changed) doesn’t like you as she is over-possessive. So, I dint inform her that I am here for the sessions” Nisha (Name changed) shared during our conversations in a counselling session.
Nisha was constantly smoking when we first met. Tomboyish short look, too simple and carefree types, successful and high-earning corporate employee. A chain smoker then, she was suffering with chronic anxiety disorder and multiple physiological issues because of stress. She got addicted to junk food, alcoholism, insomnia to name a few. Although she was very caring, simple, and loved her job, but she had been dealing with so-called unacceptable reality about her: that she is a lesbian.
Nisha belongs to a middle-class, small-town family having noble but conservative, societally locked parents. I was on a bit high when she said, Dr. Shambhavi, you are the first one whom I have shared that I have a girlfriend named Pranavi. Im quite determined that I dont need to share this to anyone but somehow, I repent my conscience. Initially 4-5 sessions with her were spend on conversations, venting outs, flushing the mental toxins. But I wonder these episodes were so essential and precious to process other sessions because we made a stronger bond after this. She shared her GF’s traits, love connection, her own fears, sleeping pills, nightmares, phobias, connection with parents everything with ease. I was happy for her.
With time, we had musical conversations. She was just a normal music lover, but she was interested in pieces I asked her to listen. Focus was to calm her thoughts and make her sleep well. Therefore, I talked about music and gave her 5 minutes of guided sound meditation with Raga Hansdhwani. Gradually, our music therapy sessions started taking the route of musical conversations. I explored that she liked Sufi music and taught her a few. She told me that girlfriend Pranavi wants her to learn and play Ukulele and she bought one. She took an online session and we both had frequent jamming. In fact, her stress-coping mechanism was a Sufi song, ‘Tu Jhoom’ by Abida Parveen, which was her stress-coping song.
I noticed her smoking curtailed. She was trying to become happier and more carefree. Her personality was gradually directing towards self-love, confident about self-reality, self-introspective, most importantly, love for solitude and oneness with self and music (Ukulele). Recently, she shared that she installed courage to travel Nainital alone for a week. Imagine! She stayed alone in a hotel and visited places but mostly in hotel. However, she returned in three days due to boredom, but I would appreciate her courage. She always says with gratitude, "Dr. Das, I really don't know what has been changing within me, your attitude, aura, or your music? But I am pretty that the positivity you possess is because of your musical goals."
About ‘Find Your Rhythm’ A 2-Day Retreat -
2-days goals:
Why Join?... Because
This program helps your employees to:
  1. Tackle stress and anxiety effectively.
  2. Boost their energy and productivity.
  3. Handle criticism positively.
  4. Lift mood and foster a positive environment.
  5. Break away from negative cycles.
  6. Enhance teamwork skills.
  7. Express themselves creatively.
Program Features:
Our program uses music therapy, combining both old wisdom and new scientific techniques:
  1. Chakra-Balancing - Encourages full-body wellness.
  2. Nada-Upchaar (Vibrational Therapy) - Uses sound energy for healing.
  3. Rhythmic Mentation - Aligns your brainwaves to soothing rhythms.
  4. Nada-Lekhan (Music-Journaling) - Helps express feelings through music.
  5. Nada-Sankriti - Uses powerful Sanskrit chants to promote peace.
‘Sonic Balance’: 7-Days Venture for Soul Empowerment Goals - Witnessing the true-self, Mind training, Thoughts mechanism, End of Suffering
Why join?

  1. Better maneuvering of thoughts
  2. Self-Habituation of Positivity and higher energy
  3. Develop Brain calmness & Creativity.
  4. Enhance control on the emotions,
  5. Meet the problems and people with Utter Patient and Detachment
  6. Oneness with self
  7. Install self-esteem, self-love.

Ingredients & Tools

  1. Self-music therapy renditions for vibrating self-chakras.
  2. Rhythmic stimulation for brain-creativity and motor skills
  3. Body clocks Ragas and Tunes
  4. Musical games for innocence and simplicity perception
  5. Instruments meditation (Guided) for inner victory and strength
  6. Sound healing art/movement for sleep, productivity.

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