We at Mononaad understand how important it is for employees to be mentally and emotionally healthy. We offer Employee Assistance Programs


Find Your Rhythm

This is a 2 day introductory program which uses Music Therapy tools to improve the Mental Wellness of the Employees.
The program combines old wisdom with latest scientific techniques like
Music Therapy & Wellness Program
Music Therapy Programs

Sonic Balancing

This is a 7 day program. This program can have a transformative effect on the Employee wellbeing. Making them feel more alive, vibrant and energetic.

Life Skills

This is a 4 day program. Designed to guide individuals in understanding their core behaviors and provide them tools to change their beliefs.
Manonaad Music Therapy


  • Improved Focus and Confidence.
  • Improved Problem Solving.
  • Improved Energy Levels and Productivity.
  • Make them a better Team Player.
  • Help them better manage stress and anxiety.