10 Healthy Ways to Relax and Unwind

Most of us have a tendency to consume junk when we want to relax. Be it junk food, scrolling through some social site or watching breaking news. But this may not be the best ways to help you relax. So here are the 10 healthier ways to relax at anytime. Spoiler alert — some of these you may have tried as kid. These activities not only help you relax by being more mindful but can also make you more creative.

1. Painting — remember as kids most of us used to paint. With time few of us do. Why not get back to it? It can be fun to draw anything – a house or a river. Start simple and explore how far can you go. Buy a simple drawing book that can guide you. It can be fun and relaxing. Let your creative juices flow.

2. Cooking — not many of us like to cook. But how about trying a simple recipe from YouTube. How about making a simple lemonade or dal (lentil) to start with. Cooking can be quite relaxing.

3. Gardening — if you have a garden great, if not get some plants. Spend some time there. Even watching a plant can be very relaxing for your eyes. And gardening is a great hobby to develop.

4. Listening to Music — certain kinds of music can have a very calming effect on you. Good thing is you can do any of the other activities like cooking, gardening etc. while playing this. Just turn on the radio and see the magic.

5. Doing nothing, not even meditation. You read that right, doing nothing can be quite beneficial for your health. When we are alone with our thoughts it can make us long for a larger sense of purpose. It can prompt us to try challenging and meaningful activities.

6. Reading —it can be a newspaper, a magazine or a book. You can relax and learn stuff at the same time. Prefer reading from paper though.

7. Cleaning — if you dint get a chance in the morning why not do some cleaning. You can make you and your loved ones happy.

8. House Chores — pay the bills you have been postponing. Learn ways to save money. It may be a better use of your time.

9. Take a walk — helps improve your health and digest the stuff you have eaten.

10. Play an instrument — a great hobby. Once you learn how to play an instrument it can be a really good friend when you have free time.

Hope these ideas help you to relax and spend time more mindfully.

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